DEdit Advanced – Fence Tutorial

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Advanced – Creating a Fence

What you need:

  • A Brush
  • Invisible Texture: TEXTURES\INVISIBLE.DTX
  • Any Fence Texture: TEXTURES\SHAPES\
  • A Door Object

  1. Create a new brush or apply the invisible.dtx texture to it.
  2. Apply the fence texture to the brush sides visible to the player
  3. Set Translucent to TRUE on the brush
  4. Select the brush and bind it to a door object to create a world model
  5. Make sure both the brush and the object have the same name

If the bound brushes are L-shaped make sure to set the door objects BoxPhysics to TRUE otherwise the brush is seen as a box the player cannot enter. If you apply the fence texture to two opposing sides of the fence brush, the player will be able to see trough to the other textured side as well. If you don’t want this to happen, resize the brush to be 1pixel thick.


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