DEdit – Installing the Shogo Tools

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit – Installing the Shogo Tools

Download the ShogoTools and unzip the content into your base Shogo installation directory. If you own the Steam version you will find the installation folder under, e.g. “c:steam\steamapps\common\shogo\”.


Extract Shogo Resources

The Shogo resourcefiles shogo.rez, sound.rez, shogoop.rez, shogoop2.rez can either be found on your original Shogo cdrom or inside the installation folders of Shogo from your digitally distributed copy by GOGcom or Steam. To extract the resources you will need to use lithrez.exe found in the ShogoTools Bin folder. In this example we will extract the resources from the Shogo cdrom.

Before extracting the Shogo resources, create a directory in your base Shogo installation folder where you want to extract them to, e.g. “c:\shogo\riot”. Then start the windows cmd.exe to have a MS-DOS prompt. Navigate to your ShogoTools Bin folder where the lithrez.exe is located. Now to extract the content of the resourcefiles, type in the following commands at the command prompt:

bin\lithrez xv cdromdrive\data\shogo.rez newdirectory

Extracts all of resources except soundfiles.

bin\lithrez xv cdromdrive\game\sound.rez newdirectory

Extracts the soundfiles

bin\lithrez xv shogoisntalldir\data\shogoop.rez newdirectory

Updates some resources

bin\lithrez xv shogoinstalldir\data\shogoop2.rez newdirectory

Updates even more resources

cdromdrive is the driveletter of your cdrom drive
shogoinstalldir is the directory where shogo is installed
newdirectory is the folder you created where you want the resources to be extracted to

Now everything is setup and you can start mapping! Start DEdit and open the project file riot.dep which you will find in the new directory you have extracted the resources to.

If you never created a level with DEdit, check out my indepth First World Tutorial where we will build our first level. First we begin by opening a project and creating a new world.

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