DEdit Basics – Keyboard Shortcuts

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Basics – Important Shortcuts

These are the most used keyboard shortcuts you will execute constantly when working with DEdit. Jump down to Table with all Shortcuts


ctrl+b            Brush Editing Mode

ctrl+g            Geometry Editing Mode

ctrl+h            Object Editing Mode

ctrl+c            Copy selection

ctrl+v            Insert selection

ctrl+t            Apply selected texture

All Views

t+lmb            hold down to select brushes or objects

u            deselect selection

+/-            increase/decrease grid spacing

x+mouse        move green Location Marker around

Perspective View

i+mouse        move camera forward/left/right

i+mouse+rmb        move camera up and down

o+mouse        turn camera around

Top/Front/Back/Left/Right View

i+mouse        move around the grid

i+mouse+lmb        move around the grid faster

o+mouse        zoom in and out on the grid

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit – Table of all Shortcuts

The following table includes all the keyboard shortcuts available in DEdit. Most users might never use most of them when working with the program. Throughout the table, Mouse indicates moving the mouse without holding down a button, LMB indicates Left Mouse Button, and RMB indicates Right Mouse Button.

Key/Action Edit Mode View Result
SPACEBAR Brush, Geometry All Create a vertex on the grid. This will start a new polygon if you’re not already drawing one.
CTRL+SPACEBAR Geometry All Snap to the green vertex. You can split polygons by using this on two points on a polygon.
I+Mouse All Perspective Walkthru Move Mode: Move along XZ plane.Orbit Move Mode: Dolly to or away from focus.
SHIFT+I+Mouse All Perspective Walkthru Move Mode: Move along the Y axis.
O+Mouse All Perspective Walkthru Move Mode: Change orientation.Orbit Move Mode: Orbit around focus.
I+Mouse All Parallel Move along plane of grid.
O+Mouse All Parallel Zoom in and out.
P Geometry Perspective Set the focus point to the green point.
T+LMB Brush All Select brush. Each click cycles to next brush under mouse.
U All All Un-tag all selections.
G Geometry All Place the grid along the red polygon.
(8,9,0) All Perspective Place the grid along a principle axis (x, y, z).
B+LMB All All Drag out a rectangle to select multiple vertices, brushes or objects.
E+RMB Geometry All Drag to extrude the red polygon.
Q+RMB Geometry All Drag to scale the red polygon.
R+RMB Geometry All Drag to extrude the red polygon and delete the original. This is useful for bringing out tunnels or doorways.
W+RMB Geometry All Drag to scale the red polygon and delete the original. This is useful for creating doorways.
INSERT Geometry Perspective Insert a vertex at the center of the green edge.
DELETE Geometry All Delete the green vertex. Note that this only deletes the vertex, which will most likely interfere with your geometry. To delete an entire polygon, use End.
END Geometry All Delete the selected polygon.
+/- All All Modify grid spacing. First select the view pane then use these keys.
Z+RMB All All Resize the grid.
F Geometry All Flip the selected polygon. If it isn’t textured, it’s a good idea to have normals on.
C+Mouse All Perspective Move the far clipping plane closer or farther.
H All All Move a brush so it intersects other brushes and press H to carve the selected brush’s shape out of the intersecting brushes.
CTRL+B All All Enter brush mode.
CTRL+G All All Enter geometry mode.
CTRL+H All All Enter object mode.
CTRL+O All All Open an existing project.
CTRL+A All All Apply color to gridlines of the selected brush.
CTRL+T All All Apply texture to selected brushes.
CTRL+Y All All Redo.
CTRL+Z All All Undo.
F6/SHIFT-F6 All All Next pane/Previous pane.
X+Mouse All All Move the green marker.
M+LMB Brush, Object All Move selected brushes and objects.
M+LMB Geometry All Move the green vertex.
S+LMB Geometry All Move all tagged vertices.
K All All Reinitialize texture on selected brush or red polygon.
Y Geometry All Tag the vertices of the red polygon.
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