DEdit Tutorial – First World Tutorial

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Tutorial – First World Tutorial

Table of Content:

Creating a Project & World
The first Room (Drawing Brushes)
Copying Brushes (2nd Room)
Cut Out Brushes (Hallway)
Applying Textures
Defining the World (Objects)
Processing & starting the World

Creating a Project & World

After starting DEdit the window will be empty. We have to load a project first. To do this we go to File/Open Project…, navigate to the director where we extracted the Shogo resources to and open the riot.dep file. Then we can click on New World in the quickbar and name our world mylevel. A window pops up telling and asking us “No world directory selected. Use “WORLD”? And click OK. Next we gonna draw the brushes of our first room.


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