DEdit Tutorial – Drawing Brushes (1st room)

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Tutorial – The first room (Drawing Brushes)

Previously we learned how to open a project and how to create a new world. Now we gonna build our first room by drawing each side of it by ourselves. We could draw a brush in the size of the room we want, use the hollowing function but this will result in z-fighting, which we don’t want to have. This is why I suggest to draw every side of a room by hand.

Let’s create the floor of the first room: The world grid is currently set to 64units. Start drawing a brush by using the mouse and pushing the spacebar in the Top View and make it  256x256units large. When asked about the brushes thickness, input 64  into the field and click OK. This sets the height of units of the brush on the y-axis of the world in the Side Views.

Now move the location marker (the center of where the green lines meet) in one of the side Views by holding down the X-BUTTON on your keyboard. Move it up by 256units (that will be 4quarters on the grid or 4x64units). Hit CTRL+C to copy the still selected brush and insert it again with CTRL+V to create the ceiling of the room. Notice how the edge of the brush will be inserted exactly where the location marker is located. Between the two brushes is now a distance of 192units, which is 1.5x the height of the the player model.

Let’s create the first wall: Start In the Top View and move the location marker 64units away from the edge of the brush. Draw a new Brush from there. Make it 256x64units large so it intersects with the brush of the ceiling. Brush Thickness will be 192units (3quarters on the grid or 3x64units). Now switch to one of the Side Views and move the brush down by 1quarter (64units) by holding down the left mouse button on its center point.

You can now either draw a new brush on the opposite side of the room and repeat aboves process or copy and paste the wall again. In both cases move the location marker to make your life easier. Whatever process you choose, repeat it for the remaining two walls of the room.


Congratulations, you just created your first room. Next, we create the second room by copying the first.

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