DEdit Tutorial – Copying Brushes (2nd room)

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Tutorial – Copying Brushes (2nd room)

Previously we created the first room by drawing brushes. Now instead of drawing the floor, ceiling and walls of the second room again, we gonna organise the first room in a Node and will copy and paste it to increase our efficiency. If you want the second room to have a larger size, I suggest drawing each side of it by yourself again how we did in the previous tutorial.

Change to the Nodes Tab of the Project Window. Open the nodes tree by clicking on the quarter with the + symbol in it. There you find the six brushes your created for the first room. Right click on the nodes tree and select Add Container Node. Now drag and drop the brushes into the new Node. If you now select the new node by placing a hook into its quarter, you select all the brushes of your first room. You can also rename the nodes, e.g. firstroom. Keep organising brushes that belong to each other in nodes so you can easily identify and copy whole geometry in your future work.

Now move the Location Marker in the Views again and copy / paste the node with its brushes so that the room will be placed besides the first one. Make sure they are aligned properly and that there is at least 256units between them. Congratulations, you just created your second room! Next, we connect both rooms with a hallway by using a Cut Out Brush.


Nodes Tab of the Project Window and copied first room in the View Modes



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