DEdit Tutorial – Cut Out Brushes

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Tutorial – Cut Out Brushes (Hallway)

Previously we created the second room for our first world. Now we create a hallway to connect the rooms. For that we will first cut out the entrances of the hallway by carving holes into the walls of the rooms to create a leak. Then then we close the leak by drawing floor, ceiling and walls of the hallway.

Let’s create the Cut Out Brush first: Create a new brush between the two rooms. Move the location marker in the Top View so it aligns with the wall of the room to the left. Move the location marker in the Side View so it sits 2quarters (128units) above the top of the floor brush of the rooms. Now draw the brush in the Top View and make it 256x128units large. Brush Thickness is 128units. Then resize the brush on the left and right side so it is penetrating the walls of both rooms. Last push the H-BUTTON on your keyboard to cut a hole into the wall brushes and hit the DELETE-BUTTON to delete the Cut Out Brush.

We just created two leaks representing the doors for the hallway we are going to create now by carving out two intersecting brushes. To stuff the leaks create 4 brushes (floor, ceiling, walls) by using the View Modes and moving the location marker. Congratulations, you just create a hallway to connect two rooms by using a cut out brush. Next, we apply textures to our small little world.

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