DEdit Tutorial – Applying Textures

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Tutorial – Applying Textures

Previously we just connected two rooms by a hallway using a cut out brush. Now we gonna apply textures to them to make em look less blank.

Open the Textures Tab of the Project Window. There you will find all textures used in Shogo. We want this rooms to look like the Museum of the City of Avernus from the Shogo singleplayer campaign. To do that we gonna need the Avernus Museum Layout Textures: We find those by navigating to TEXTURES\LAYOUTS\28)MUSEUM\ in the Textures Tab.

We will use the following textures:


Select the texture for the floor and use the 3D View to move inside one of the two rooms. We can now either select select the floor by holding down the T-BUTTON on the keyboard and the left mouse button and then push CTRL+T to apply the texture to it, but this will apply the texture to the whole brush. We don’t need to paint the floor outside the room that the player won’t see. To paint only a specific surface of a brush, we change into the Geometry Editing Mode using the following command: CTRL+G.

Now we just need to hover with the mouse cursor over the surface and push CTRL+T to apply the texture. To this with all floors of your world. It is not possible to select multiple surfaces by holding down T in multi selection mode, selecting one surfaces after another and to apply a texture to all of them. Repeat that process with the chosen wall and ceiling texture until all surfaces the player will be able to see are textured.

Map Texture Coordinates

If a texture looks out of a place (which is not the case for this tutorial but might happen to you in the future) you can edit how it is applied to a surface by using the Map Texture Coordinates Window. To open the window in Brush Editing Mode (CTRL+B), select a brush and open the context menu with the right mouse button in any View Mode and select Map Texture Coordinates. When you are in Geometry Editing Mode (CTRL+G), hover with the mouse over the surface you want to adjust the texture for and start the Map Texture Coordinates Window over the context menu from there.


Congratulations, you just textured your first world. Next, we add Objects (World Properties, Lights, Player Start Point Weapon Pickup) to the world.

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