DEdit Tutorial – Defining the World (Objects)

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Tutorial – Defining the World (Objects)

Previously we applied textures to our world. Now we define the world, add lights, a weapon pickup and the player start point.

Table of Content:
Defining the World
Adding a Player Start Point
Adding Lights
Adding Weapon Pickups

Defining the World

To define the world we need the WorldProperties Object. Every level requires this item to function properly. It should always be placed inside the world where the player is moving around to distinct the world from the Void. Let’s place the WorldPropertie BaseClass: Move the location marker to the room on the right and place it somewhere in the corner of the room. Right click in any View Mode to open the context menu and select Add Object. Open BaseClass and scroll down to the very bottom and click WorldProperties and confirm with OK. The object will be placed at the location marker.

Switch to the Properties Tab of the Project Window. If the WorldProperties object is selected you will see its properties. Here you could enable wind, fog add a music track and many other things. For this tutorial we don’t need to set anything.

Adding a Player Start Point

What would be a world without a player to walk in and enjoy it? Let’s add the player start point: Move the location marker to the center of the room to the right and place it at least 64units above the ground. Otherwise the player gets stuck in the floor, falls through it and dies instantly. Open the context menu, scroll down, select StartPoint\GameStartPoint and click OK.

Let’s define the startpoint. Change to the Properties Tab and take a look at its properties:

  • Rotation: click here to adjust in which direction the player will face when starting Player Mode: Defines as what the player will start.
    0 defaults to on foot, 1&above defines Mechs.
  • GameType: Defines in which game mode the startpoint is used.
    0 = singleplayer , 1 = multiplayer

Click on Rotation and set the Yaw to 270 so that the player will face the hallway when starting. For this tutorial we leave the rest as is. Unless you want the player to start in a mech which makes no sense for a level with indoor textures, but be silly and go full mech if you want.

Adding Lights

Why did we texture the world if the player can’t see anything? Let’s add lights: Move the location marker so it sits in the middle of the room above the GameStartPoint. Add a Light Object how you did previously with the WorldProperties and the GameStartPoint. Unselect the Light by pressing U on the keyboard.

We need 2 more Lights for the hallway and the second room. Now that we unselected the Light we can’t copy / paste it anymore. To select the Light again, switch to the Object Editing Mode (CTRL+H). Hold down the T-BUTTON and left click on the light. Hit CTRL+C to copy the Light. Move the location marker and move it to the center of the hallways and press CTRL+V to paste the Light. Repeat that for the second room.

By selecting the Lights either from the Nodes Tab or by clicking on them in Object Editing Mode, you can set their properties in the Properties Tab of the Project Window. There you can set a light colour or define the radius. But for this tutorial we leave it as is.

Adding Weapon Pickups

So far so good. Now let’s give the player a weapon. Move the location marker to the center of the second room and place it at least 32units above the ground. You might need to decrease the gridsize of the world to place the location marker 32units above ground. Learn about View Modes & Worldgrid.

Add an PickupItem\Powerup\WeaponPowerup\AssaultRiflePowerup object the same way you added the other objects. In the Properties Tab you could set with how much Ammo this pickup starts. But for this tutorial, you guessed right, we leave it as it is.


Congratulations, you just defined the world, added lights, a gamestartpoint and a weapon pickup. Next, we gonna process and start the world.

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