DEdit Tutorial – Processing the World

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Tutorial – Processing and starting the world

Previously we added Objects to our world.
Today we gonna process the world and start it.

Table of Content:
Using the Processor
Start Map in Shogo (Batch File)

Using the Processor

Before we can play the world, we have to process it. For that we need to use the Processor.exe of the Shogo Tools. To start the processor, either click on the World/Process World in DEdit’s menu or push CTRL+P on your keyboard after clicking inside a View Mode.

You can find a detailed explanation of the options here. For this tutorial we will keep it simple and only look at the important options of the Processor:

  • Fast Approximation: Enable this option if you want to decrease processing time of the map. The map will then be processed in minutes instead of hours. Disable the option when the world is completed and before distributing the world to your players.
  • Vertex Lighting Only: Enable this option if you want to disable Lightmapping, which will decrease processing time. Keep this option disabled for now.

For this tutorial enable every option except for Replace Textures and Vertex Lighting Only and click OK to process your map. Since our first world is small, processing will be done in mere seconds. The processor created a .dat file for your level myfirstlevel.dat in the shogoinstalldir\shogoresources\worlds\ folder.


Start Map in Shogo (Batch File)

To start the map you could open a command prompt in the Shogo Installation Directory and type the command in there. But to increase your efficiency, we will instead write a batch file in the Installation Directory. Navigate to your Shogo Installation Directory and Create a new txt file with the editor. Now type in the following command:

Client -rez shogoinstalldir\shogoresources +runworld WORLDS\mylevel

shogoinstalldir is the folder where you installed shogo
shogoresources is the folder in the shogo installation folder where you extracted the shogo resourcefiles to
WORLDS\mylevel directs to the the WORLD folder inside the shogoresources folder

Now save the .txt file as name.bat and execute it. This will start Shogo and load your map. You can now walk around it freely, enjoy the lights, pick up the Assault Rifle, shoot bullet holes into the wall and stand there in awe looking at the awesome textures you applied.


Congratulations!!! You just created your very first level.


Make sure to check out the other tutorials and basic as well as advanced tipps I offer on this website. Thank you for for reading!!

Download Tutorial Level and First World Tutorial here

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