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Initially, I wrote this FAQ for myself so I could remember how to do things if I wouldn’t have used DEdit for a longer time. Then I decided to rewrite it a bit, so that me as well as others can understand it. I don’t write it for people that never ever mapped in their entire life before. But someone that used ID’s Radiant or LGS’s DromED before, might find some helpful information in here that helps them out to handle DEdit. Keep most your knowledge, but be surprised: In Monolith world, almost everything is not how you expect it to be.

Table of Content:

Installing the Shogo Tools Learn how to setup the Shogo Tools to start mapping with DEdit. Also includes the Download to the Shogo Tools.
DEdit Tutorial – Build your first world 6 Part Tutorial where is described how to create your first rooms. Perfect for newcomers to learn how to use DEdit.
Category: Dedit-Basics
Category: Dedit-Advanced

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5 Responses to DEdit for SHOGO Mobile Armor Division

  1. Winsti*likwid* lamar says:

    Hello again 3rdplayer,

    I’m here today with hat in hand, as I don’t know how you feel about Blood2. As you know, Circus of Blood is our attempt to port as much blood2 gameplay as possible into Kiss Psycho Circus. Long story short, I’m lousy at quality control, plus the more eyes the better, so I’m here to humbly ask if you’d like to join as a play tester. Please note that kpc never had a source code release, so we’re making changes to the variables page and the map scripts only. Otherwise it’s mostly an asset transfer. The kpc editor will load shogo .ED files, but it was released in alpha condition, and who ever made user maps for kpc did not record the differences.

    Please let me know how you feel about our little project, good or bad, we value honesty above all else.

    Winsti*likwid* lamar


    • 3rdplayer says:

      Hello likwid,

      Ive seen you linking my page on the forums. I dont really see why porting b2 to kpc is a good idea. If you consider that until lithtech 2.0 there was not any major change to the engine at all. Also the sourcecode is released for blood2 afaik and it would make more sense to instead modify blood2 directly.

      But I can playtest what you guys did so far and note down what I noticed. You just have to link me where I can get the stuff to do so. But I guess my participation might end there since I am only a hobby mapdesigner without any programming or other knowledge.

      But I surely would like to help out where I can.



  2. Winsti*likwid* lamar says:

    Thank you 3rdplayer, your time and assessments are of great value to us. As for KPC, it uses the lithtech 1.5 engine, complete with lithech2’s collision system. In all other respects, you are correct, the engines are the same. I’m currently working on an alpha build for internal release. We should have something to peek at in 3 to 6 days.

    Thanks again


  3. Winsti likwid lamar says:

    We should have a viable alpha build within the next 48hrs. Is there an address that I can send this to?



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