Biohazard 3 Sourcenext Review

Biohazard 3 Sourcenext Review (Resident Evil 3 Sourcenext)


In 2006, the japanese company Sourcenext released Resident Evil 2 & 3 (Bioahazard 2 and Biohazard 3 – Last Escape respectively) again for PC. Both Sourcenext version run natively on modern operating systems (XP, Win7, 8). Unlike the in the end of the ’90s released PC versions of both games, which are plagued with various incompatibillities. Let’s take a closer look closer look on Biohazard 3 – Last Escape.


By starting the setup it’s possible to pick the language for the installation of the game on your PC. Either English, or Japanese, which removes the guessing of what button is responsible for what action. That way it shouldn’t be a problem to set it up. Unlike its counterpart Biohazard 2 Sourcenext, The Last Escape doesn’t ask you for a serial key. Just install and play.

The Mercenaries

Only the three Mercenaries Michael, Carlos and Nikolai can be picked. It is no longer possible to play as Jill. I assume that she can be unlocked after the main game got finished. I played a round with Nikolai and noticed the game ran in a very small window and only 320×240 screen size, which looked odd on 1680×1050 display. The solution as with all Resident Evil PC releases was to press the F8 key for fullscreen.

Main Game – Last Escape

The Last Escape’s title screen doesn’t feature any Options but got two new Tabs called Original Mode and Arrange Mode as well as the Epilogue-Tab. New Epilogues for every existing Resident Evil character (Barry, Claire, Chris etc.) will be unlocked with every finished NewGame+. This means the game must be finished 8 times, always using the final savegame after the credits, to unlock a new epilogue.

A new game can be started by selecting Original or Arrange Mode. Original Mode features the same game players experienced on Playstation 1. In Arrange Mode many healing items got removed, enemies need more bullets to die etc. There might be some other changes which I haven’t encountered yet. On Playstation the player had to unlock a Special Key to unlock a Boutique with different outfits for Jill. This feature got removed entierly since it is now possible to choose an outfit before even starting the game. But to find out whats behind the Specials is a trial-and-error game.  What about the Options ?


Very positive is the Options Menue. It can be opened by pressing the F2 key. It features all the nifty resolutions someone wants from a game. Too bad there is no 1080p. It seems like as if Sourcenext didn’t had any HD displays to test the game on. It’s esy to control the characters using the keyboard or a controller. So plug in your Xbox or PS4 controllers and set them up. A word of warning, I tried to set the d-pad buttons for movement. It didn’t worked very well because it wasn’t possible to manouver left or right while running straight. Movement with the thumbstick is okay though. There are also additional options and even support for older graphics card like Voodoo 2. Wierd.



Setting the game to the highest resolution results at least in amazingly looking 3D characters while the pre rendered backgrounds don’t change at all. Overall the game looks very good on PC and is definitely a welcoming change to the not as good Playstation look.

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