DEDit Advanced – Destroyable Objects

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEDit Advanced – Explosive Vending Machines and Trashcans

In this advanced tutorial we wanna create destroyable objects. We gonna create a destroyable trashcan and to give the thing more boom, why not make a vending machine that blows up in the players face when it is shot? The player might get hurt in the process, so we also gonna spawn a UltraHealth powerup after it is destroyed.

  • What you need:
    • Brushes
    • DestructableDoor Objects
    • fitting textures:
      • trashcan textures:
      • vending mashine textures:

Let’s create the destructable trashcan.

  1. Create a brush in the top view with the sizes 16x16x64
  2. Apply the fitting textures to each side
    • If the texture doesn’t fit use the Map Texture Coordinates Window to align it
  3. Bind the trashcan brush to a DestructableDoor Object

That’s enough to make the trashcan destroyable. If you want to specify the objects hit points and sound when getting destroyed, you can select the Object from the Nodes Tab and change its values in the Properties Tab. The values are: DestroySound; HitPoints, Armor, Debris Type


Let’s create the exploding vending machine that spawns a UltraHealth when destroyed.

  1. Create a brush in the top view with the sizes 64x64x128
  2. Apply the fitting texture to each side
    • If the texture doesn’t fit use the Map Texture Coordinates Window to align it
  3. Bind the vending machine brush to a DestructableDoor Object
    • Make sure that the green marker is placed in the center of the brush, because the explosion will emit from where it is placed. The Ultrahealth will also spawn at the same location as this object.
  4. Change to the Properties Tab and click on the ExplosionStuff Property
  5. In the new window you can define the properties of the explosion
    • Set CreateExplosion to TRUE
    • Set ExplosionSize to 64units
    • Set the DamageFactor to 0.050
    • Confirm the properties with a click on OK
  6. Find the Spawn Property and type in UltraHealth

That’s enough to make the vending machine explode and leave behind a UltraHealth for the player to pickup. Here is a short roundup of the properties that can be set and what they mean:

  • CreateExplosion = Set to True if you want an explosion to occur
  • WeaponID = defines the effect of the explosion. 3 seems to be the explosion of a bullgut rocket. But it creates an explosion that damages the player even 10 meters away no matter what ExplosionSize is set. Since Monolith didnt documented which value is which WeaponID: Experiment!
  • ExplosionSize = Defines the radius of how far way the player takes damages theoretically. But damage range and effect are also bound to the WeaponID. It’s undocumented how it affects each other. This is also the reason why choosing a very low DamageFactor.
  • DamageFactor = Defines how much health is dropped when the player is in the explosion radius. Since ExplosionRadius and WeaponID are connected, its best to set it low. Otherwise the player takes too much damage when standing many meters away. Other geometry seems to nullify the effects of an explosion. In short: If the player stands behind a wall when the object explodes, he takes no damage at all.
  • FireAlongForward = Defines where the impact of shots onto the brush appears. If set to 0, the hit effects are spawned at the center of the DesctrubtableDoor Object. If set to 1 the hit effects are spawned on the brushes surface that is bound to it.


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