Thrill Kill Complete Guide

Thrill Kill Complete Guide

One of these games canceled I got incredible hyped for as a teenager. I couldnt get it anymore until one of my friends surprisingly gave it to me. This was all the way back in 2000. Now almost 20 years later I remember it very fondly and tried to gather as much information about it as possible which resulted in this article.

Please have in mind that Thrill Kill got canceled two weeks before its release when Electronic Arts bought Virgin Interactive due to its graphic content. But various builds were leaked onto the internet. There won’t be any downloads here. Any illegal actions taken by my readers to get the game, are their own responsibility. Here it is, my complete guide to Thrill Kill.


(Disclaimer when booting up the game) Ultimate edge lord level achieved!

What happened to Thrill Kill?

What was greatest thing when you were a teenager? Everything Edgy! What if video game magazines hyped you up for a rough, extra edgy and violent video game? What if you waited with anticipation for this game to be released? And then the tumult around that game goes silent and you never hear of it again? You will be disappointed and sad. This is what happened to me.

What if you are the game developer that worked hard on that game to be finished? What if your publisher already got merchandise like caps, t-shirts and mugs printed and is waiting for your game to fill their banks with money? And all of a sudden, the publisher gets purchased by a bigger company, and all you worked and prepared for the games release goes down the drain? Because the new owner of your game says “we won’t publish such a senselessly violent game”. You will be disappointed, sad and maybe even angered. This is what happened to Thrill Kill.

If you’re reading my complete guide to Thrill Kill, then you are here for obviously two reasons: You never heard of it and want to know more or you may have already downloaded the leaked full game (see version differences) on the internet and want to unlock stuff (see unlockables).


a pyromaniac, a judge, a maid and a midged fight to be reborn

What is Thrill Kill?

All you need to know about the story is that it centers around characters (all of them murderers or sick people) that died in a certain way and have to fight in their afterlife for all eternity until a bored demon goddess decides to make them participate in a tournament with the prize of being reborn.

Let’s be honest here. Thrill Kill is a mediocre fighting game. What puts it above every other fighting game is that up to 4 players can fight on the same stage! The fact that you win by murder, dismember and even burn the other players in gruesome violent ways is just the icing on the cake.

First you fight to fill your personal kill-meter and when you completely filled it you can pick one of your opponents and remove them from the battle. The fighting that leads to this point is not that great. There are moves that launch your opponents, moves to stun them, to dispatch a larger clutch of other players and so on. Characters got unique looks and moves, but it all comes down to 3 hit combos and dashing in and out.

With only 2 combatants remaining, both try to fill their kill-meter before the other. Whoever succeeds holds down a button combination during a cutscene in which the camera rotates around him (see thrill-kill-finisher button combos). If you can catch your opponent before the timer runs out, you will execute him in hilarious ways. If not, rinse repeat until someone wins!


Cleetus might be the most disgusting character of all of them

Version Differences

Former employes that worked on the game leaked various builds of the game to the internet after a while. These versions are:

  • Versions
    • Full Uncensored
      • opening video, all endings
      • full soundtrack
      • uncensored animations for Belladonna & Cleetus
      • button-combo needs to be held down for thrill-kill-finisher.
    • Full Censored
      • same as full uncensored except censored animations for Belladonna & Cleetus
      • Belladonna misses her Go Down thrill-kill-finisher
    • NTSC Beta
      • no opening video, no ending movies
      • 5 music tracks
    • PAL Beta
      • no opening video, incomplete endings
      • no music tracks
      • poor AI

the fitting stage for a deathbattle between mental sick miscreants


All descriptions in this section are based off the full uncensored release of the game. Some of these might not be able to be done on other builds of the game.

Difficulty Based Unlockables

  • Finish Normal:
    • unlock Cain as playable character
  • Finish Hard:
    • unlock Judas as playable character
    • unlocks the Stage Sacrificial Ruins
  • Finish Very Hard:
    • unlock Marukka as playable character
    • unlock the Stage Dante’s Cage

Play on Training Stage

To play on the Training Stage, unlock the remaining three characters Cain, Judas and Marukka. Go to Practice Mode and select each character and input their moves so that they are marked as executed. Once you did that with all moves of every character, you can hold down L1+L2 on the stage select screen when you chose a stage and confirm with X to start the match on the training stage.

Unlockable Costumes

Beat the game with the corresponding character then hold L1+L2 and press X on the character select screen to select the unlocked costume for that character.

  • Belladonna = Cowgirl
  • Dr. Faustus = Abe Lincoln Suit
  • The Imp = Disco
  • Violet = Alien
  • Mammoth = Clown
  • Cleetus = Pirate
  • Cain = none
  • Judas = none
  • Marukka = none
  • Tormentor = Caribbean Tourist
  • Oddball = Teddy Bear

whoever wins will drink hellish sewer water until the next match

Thrill-Kill Finisher Button Combos

In the final round, when only 2 players remain, the one that fills their thrill-kill-meter first can execute his opponent via Thrill-Kill-Finisher. When the animation plays where the camera is circling around the character, Hold down the following button combos. When no buttons are held down, all characters have a default finisher they gonna execute. Legend: Q = quarter button, T = triangle button, C = circle button, X = x button.

  • Belladonna
    • Do It Yourself = X+Left
    • Combo = T+X+L1
    • Dance = Q+T+C+X+L1
  • Dr. Faustus
    • Plastic Surgery = T+L1
    • Shake & Spit = C+X+Down
    • Combo = Q+T+L1+Right
    • Dance = Q+T+X+L1+Left
  • The Imp
    • Body Possession = Q+Down
    • Now Who’s Tiny? = T+X+Right
    • Combo = Q+X+L1+Left
    • Dance = Q+T+C+X+Down
  • Violet
    • Twister Kill = Q+T+X
    • Combo = Q+C+L1+Down
    • Dance = Q+T+C+L1+Up
  • Mammoth
    • Self Beating = T+Up
    • Marry-go-round = Q+C+Down
    • Combo = Q+T+X+Up
    • Dance = Q+C+X+T+L1
  • Cleetus
    • Fountain of You = T+L1
    • New Toy = Q+T+L1
    • Combo = Q+O+Right+Down
    • Dance = T+X+L1+Left+Down
  • Cain
    • Light a Match = Q+C
    • Let’s Be Friends = Q+X+L1
    • Combo = Q+T+Left+Down
    • Dance = T+X+Q+C+L1+Right
  • Judas
    • Re-Arranger = T+X+Down
    • Stretch the Limit = T+C+X+Up
    • Combo = Q+C+X+L1+Left
    • Dance = Q+C+X+T+L1+Right
  • Marukka
    • Deception = X+L1+Right
    • It’s Better In A Hell Hole = C+X+L1+Left
    • Combo = Q+T+X+C+Up
    • Dance = Q+T+X+O+L1+Down
  • Tormentor
    • Body Splitter = T+C
    • Raising Hell = Q+C+Up
    • Combo = C+X+L1+Left
    • Dance = C+X+Q+T+Right
  • Oddball
    • Sit & Spin = L+Left
    • Corkscrew = Q+C+X
    • Combo = C+X+L1+Right
    • Dance = Q+C+X+L1+Up
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  1. Thanks for the info, but you forgot to mention how to unlock the Gimp in the practice level. It’s the best part of the game! :D


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