• Hi, I’m 3RDplayer,

    aka Joey formerly known as acantophis3rd, uploading and streaming and writing about videogames of all kind since 2008.

    I began playing games in the early 90’s and experienced my teenager years in this dedacde. I miss the effort and heart blood that went into the creation of games from the past and try to remind us about how great gaming in the 90’s was through this blog.

  • Growing up with consoles, computers and games

    I began gaming with the age of 6 at my best friends home. He owned a Sega Genesis and I watched him playing, because myself was very awful in handling the controller. With the age of 12, my uncle gave to me a computer, which I used to play games, working with Windows 95 and writing childish fantasy stories. My first computer game was Wolfenstein3D and later Command and Conquer. I wasted time in playing different games found on compilations.

    In 1998, my new best friend brought his Sony Playstation to my home and me and my other friend watched him playing Resident Evil 2.  I loved this game and started begging my father to buy me my own playstation. I only used to play games on Sony consoles, buying lots of games with my best friend ritual and wasted hours over hours into gaming every kind of game.

  • Youtube History

    I began uploading gameplay videos on Youtube in Dec, 2007 and later in April, 2008 continued with voice narration. My idol was the user cloud8745. I entered his competition in which other gamers could enter their own narrated gameplay videos. It was the beginning of my career as a Lets player. My entry to his contest is still one of the most viewed and rated videos on my channel. What started as a video promotion project for my MMO guild, lurks its way from speed running Command and Conquer PC-DOS version, up to Lets Playing.

    At one point I was busy with real life and didnt upload any videos to A3D’s Let’s Plays and 100 views on a new videos puplish day decreased to almost nothing. The subscriber amount was high but aproximately 98% of the subscribers did no longer watch. I tried being more active again, came up with a weekly schedule but nothing seemed to have helped. Only a very few people watched the brand new content. My career was at an end. With many new forms of gamers and gaming youtube channels emerging, the way I do it became obsolete. Let’s Plays are dead.

    In 2017 I kept on going on a new channel, with a new internet alias and with the same old concept. 3RDplayer – Press Start was born: Full game Let’s Plays in parts on a weekly basis. Thanks to streaming with Twitch, creating and editing new content became easy enough.

  • The Future

    I will expect nothing but take what I can get. I got frequent streams on Twitch going, The new Youtube channel 3RDplayer – Press Start still requires 100 subscribers, so I can register a vanity URL for it. It would allow me to give the channel a fixed URL and to carve the brandname 3RDplayer into the history of youtube. I found and build a great community of online friends and fans trough Discord that I am proud of.

    The Future can come!


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