DEdit Basics – View Modes & Location Marker

DEditV1.0BETAsmallDEdit Basics – View Modes, Location Marker & Grid

The 4 windows represent the view modes. You can change the view mode of a window by right clicking in it. This is called opening the context menu. Select the desired view from the view mode sub-menu.

The blueish lines are the Worldgrid. If you want to change the size of the grid in a certain window, click into it with the left mouse and push +/- on the numpad. There is no way to change the gridsize in all windows at the same time!

To move around: place the mouse cursor in any view, hold down the i-button and move the mouse around. To zoom in: hold down the o-button and move the mouse up or down.

Moving the Location Marker

The Location Marker (the green lines) determine where on the x/y axis of the worldgrid you are currently at. To move the Location Marker, hold down the X button and use the mouse in one of the views to move the marker to the place you want it to be.


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